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A Snake or a Gun

              I am tired of thinking and talking There aren’t any more answers to be found And I’m sick of just walking around   Confidences will simply always break, Relationships wither, grapes in the … Continue reading

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The Future is a Thicket

The past ‘n’all my love a blasted ruin City of the dead consumed by desert Rebuilt again ‘n’again, what else ‘s’worth doin’ Sand foundations, falling always to dirt   The future, it is a thicket of thorns Strang’ling each limb, … Continue reading

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Five Typed Lines

You went off with ‘nother ‘round Christmas time Snuck out while I slept ‘s’if you’d done a crime You burnt and clipt the wings off butterflies But blamed it all on me, to summarize So now you’re only worth these … Continue reading

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My favorite instrument is the violin. When it is truly played it sings. No other instrument has had the potency to move me, to inspiringly haunt me, to allow me to stand before the angels of heaven and nymphs of … Continue reading

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