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Westboro Baptist Church: GTFO of My State!

Despite our differences, I think most of can agree that the Westboro Baptist Church sucks. Everybody hates them for picketing funerals and thanking god for dead soldiers, amongst other nastiness. But they’re not content to stay in their own state- … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean To Be Human?

This is a question I’ve heard and pondered in many philosophy and literature classes. However, we never came to answer. I suspect it’s because it’s kind of a nonsensical question akin to asking “What does it mean to be a … Continue reading

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We’re born into a wildfire of sensation. Suddenly it’s bright and cold and for the first time you’re exposed. Dropped in a foreign word of twisting sights and nauseating sounds, surrounded by, which might as well be and still be, … Continue reading

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My favorite instrument is the violin. When it is truly played it sings. No other instrument has had the potency to move me, to inspiringly haunt me, to allow me to stand before the angels of heaven and nymphs of … Continue reading

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Life of Fire

The sun burned in Cancer and poised to take Leo when I came into this world naked and bloody and screaming I was a summer child meant to be docilized for urbanality Then coddled and corralled into domestication with the … Continue reading

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