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The Next Generation of Bullying

People today are a bunch of pussies. My generation (1980-2000 and onward the trend goes), me, we’re all a bunch of squishy livestock and too many of us have panic attacks when we lose power for a few hours. One … Continue reading

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There Just Might Be A Different Kind of God

  The universe is infinite, or at least incomprehensibly immense. Who knows what forms of life and emergent properties and forces may have arisen? Certainly not us. Not yet. From observation we know the minimum size, the visible size, of … Continue reading

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The Iron Astrolabe

  the iron astrolabe: a cage of iron laws cold metallic orbits inhabited by emblazoned beasts set in motion above us, below us, within us casting shadows and illusions around us we toil, burn, blister, sweat, and bleed we shit, … Continue reading

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