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A Snake or a Gun

              I am tired of thinking and talking There aren’t any more answers to be found And I’m sick of just walking around   Confidences will simply always break, Relationships wither, grapes in the … Continue reading

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The Future is a Thicket

The past ‘n’all my love a blasted ruin City of the dead consumed by desert Rebuilt again ‘n’again, what else ‘s’worth doin’ Sand foundations, falling always to dirt   The future, it is a thicket of thorns Strang’ling each limb, … Continue reading

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Five Typed Lines

You went off with ‘nother ‘round Christmas time Snuck out while I slept ‘s’if you’d done a crime You burnt and clipt the wings off butterflies But blamed it all on me, to summarize So now you’re only worth these … Continue reading

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Anti-smoking ads give me that craving For a lit cigarette slowly burning Killing me, my sanity it’s saving When I inhale the darkness stops churning   Poison less toxic than my memories Black lungs better than cancer in my mind … Continue reading

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