IMG_0499Anti-smoking ads give me that craving

For a lit cigarette slowly burning

Killing me, my sanity it’s saving

When I inhale the darkness stops churning


Poison less toxic than my memories

Black lungs better than cancer in my mind

I’ll take disease’s beastly remedies

O’er the haunting corpses life’s left behind


Demons cremated into dancing smoke

Their ashes fall to the ground: burnt away gone

A fibrous pillar where everything’s broke

An ember of light to keep me till dawn


Killing me more sweetly than people do

And better comp’ny than e’r I spent with you


~David T. Kukulkan~


About davidtkukulkan

I am a cognizant collection and configuration of genes in symbiosis with various microorganisms, thoughts, memories, emotions all encoded in neurochemicals.
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10 Responses to Cigarettes

  1. Trying to quit smoking myself. Have been writing a journal on my way of quitting. May help you.

    • Congratulations! It’s tough, I tried quitting before I wrote that poem and made it 6 days without a cigarette and most of day 7, but I didn’t feel accomplished. And I wasn’t doing it for me, or to be healthier, I was just sick and tired of everyone getting on my case about it like I don’t know it’s bad for me. I just felt awful and figured maybe right now isn’t the right time since I’m already changing my diet, drinking less soda and caffeine, and trying to be more productive. So when I feel better and can weather that storm I intend to try again and to do it for myself. But until then I am at least cutting back =). Keep up the good work!

  2. G.M. Gagne says:

    Cigarettes save me
    From the darkness of within
    Cheaper than murder

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