IMG_3976In ancient times astrolabes were used mainly in astronomy and for navigating the ocean. Astrolabes can represent the heavens; present, but unseen forces; the starry bands encircling and driving us towards fate, but it can also represent the symbolic light provided by knowledge and scientific inquiry.

It is our hope then to elaborate on the powerful and significant forces at work around us, be it in politics, economics, religion, or science and how to best adapt and navigate the ever changing waters of civilization and societal change. So, we’ll discuss a variety of subjects in a hopefully logical, if not always dispassionate, manner.

The Iron Astrolabe will has several recurring authors and will have guest authors as well. All our authors are more qualified than some, but probably still less qualified than many, to address the various issues we’ll cover. While The Iron Astrolabe will share many opinions, it does not necessarily endorse these views.

Contact Information:

Email: theironastrolabe@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheIronAstrolabe

Twitter: @IronAstrolabe 


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