MusicMy favorite instrument is the violin. When it is truly played it sings. No other instrument has had the potency to move me, to inspiringly haunt me, to allow me to stand before the angels of heaven and nymphs of the forest, to describe the every nuance and pleasure of ambitious aspiration fully filled. It makes me feel like no other experience in life. Such is the immensity of your mesmeric, musical curves. For you, my dear, are extravagantly elegant and gloriously gorgeous. When that countenance graces me… I am compelled to become legend, for who but Odysseus, skilled in all ways of contending, could court the epitome of enchantment and beauty incarnate.

~David T. Kukulkan~

About davidtkukulkan

I am a cognizant collection and configuration of genes in symbiosis with various microorganisms, thoughts, memories, emotions all encoded in neurochemicals.
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3 Responses to Beatrice

  1. And thanks for the like!

  2. To each their own. I do love the harp as well. And I have unfortunately only had the opportunity to play a violin a few times, and you’re right, it is very easy to play badly.

  3. Isn’t that funny. Violin is my least favourite, since it is far too easy to play badly. I can’t listen to expert players either, I find it painful. Personally, I love the lines and tones of the harp. I love the resonance and beauty from large concert harps to small clairsach (Celtic low head harps like the one shown on the Guiness can). It always sounds good, even with a beginner! My son took violin lessons briefly, while my daughter studied harp. The violin is long gone, but the harp(s) are still here. 🙂

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