Ancient Aliens: The Truth Is Out There, But Some Of It’s Down Here

Anasazi Petroglyphs AZThe much ridiculed “Ancient Astronauts” hypothesis -I refuse to call it a theory, because, well, those of you who know the difference will understand- is a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s exciting to think we may have been, or still are, being visited by extraterrestrials. Imagine if we really have been visited and they’ve interacted with us! However, I find truth to be more exciting, and if it’s not true, then it’s nothing.

I enjoy the show on the History channel. I enjoy it for several reasons, mostly because I like asking questions to myself about the show that they really should have answered. A lot of the “evidence” presented on the show I know is pure bullshit because even a cursory google search, or an introductory class to anthropology, or archaeology will already have the answers to the “unexplainable” “evidence” they present. I don’t think they even know what the evidence means, and if they do, they certainly don’t use it correctly. Too often it’s just a question. And questions are not evidence, they, in fact, require evidence to answer.

The show is also very insulting to our species and our ancient ancestors especially because by using aliens as the explanation for all of the amazing achievements of ancient civilizations it devalues the actual human ingenuity involved. And personally, I find some of the unique ways our ancestors found to solve problems of construction far more satisfying and even more interesting than just “aliens did it.” “Aliens did it” is basically the same as saying “God did it,” and it doesn’t actually answer the questions of how these monuments or advanced mathematics and various other advancements were actually made.

So, as I already mentioned, I knew a lot of it was bullshit. But I watched a documentary “Ancient Aliens Debunked” (link below) which presented an overwhelming amount of new information including how the show just outright lies… a lot. The documentary is a bit long, and I don’t entirely agree with it’s conclusion at the end, but it’s definitely worth watching, even if you just watch certain sections. It’s incredibly informative not just about the lies and errors the show perpetrates, but about ancient peoples, their cultures, their technological prowess, and their construction and engineering techniques.

My biggest problem with show and others like it are the consequences of their lies. They make the idea of visitation seem completely nutty and not worthy of any investigation, or even a second thought. But the hypothesis- which may or may not be testable, possibly making the label of hypothesis incorrect as well- is one worth investigation, as are the mysteries still presented to us by the ancient world. New discoveries are pushing back dates for human culture and advancements almost every year. And the explanations, aliens or not, may rewrite history and I promise you it’ll be very interesting- if you find ancient cultures interesting anyway.

But back to the aliens bit. We already know, even with our limited technology, that interstellar travel is possible, but it would be resource intensive, and take a really long time. So right there, it’s possible aliens could have visited, are visiting, or will visit our world. Now, if there are technologies and energy sources we haven’t harnessed or even dreamt of, imagine what a civilization 100 years, 1,000, years, 1,000,000, years more advanced than us could achieve. All I’m saying is that it’s hypothetically possible for aliens to visit Earth, or for us to visit alien worlds in the future. And if something turned up in an ancient tomb or grave that could truly not be explained, like a star map akin to the one in “Prometheus” or even something more terrestrial like the reports of New World items- cocaine, tobacco, tobacco leaves and even a tobacco beetle- being found in ancient Egyptian mummies, scientists very well may dismiss these finds because of the stigmas associated with “Ancient Aliens.” And leaving these genuine mysteries unsolved and dismissed as unworthy of study is the true tragedy caused by the quest for ratings by ignoring already established facts and outright lying.

Ancient Aliens Debunked:

~David T. Kukulkan~


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