The Great Game

Remember when Tyrion told Daenerys: “You’re part of the great game now. And the great game is terrifying.” He could have said that to almost anyone of us today. If you take a stand, if you demand your voice be heard, particularly if you have criticisms of the alt-right, or of this fascist regime, in this age of instant connectivity you may be harassed online, or harassed in person; sent death threats, or put on a “dangerous persons” list posted in forums to be physically targeted for harm.

And all of this occurs with the encouragement, praise and approval of the President on Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, people on the Left harass people on the Right too – just the President is usually far less encouraging towards them on Twitter to say the least.

Protests and rallies regularly have bursts of violence and occasionally churning into riots before they end. People have already been brutalized and murdered. And now as an illegitimate president gets a second illegitimate Supreme Court nomination, a woman and her family have been forced essentially into exile when she isn’t testifying after sustained harassment, threats, and having her email hacked in an attempt to forge a recantation. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford said in her opening statement to Congress that she was terrified, but believes it to be her patriotic duty to present facts for consideration during the nomination process of a possible Supreme Court Justice and that is truly brave. She is now one of four women publicly accusing “Judge” Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, or sexual misconduct.

Riots met with deadly force, murder, subversive plots, arrests without due process, all accompanied with a ruler acting like a spoiled child while survivors of abuse -particularly women- rise up to challenge the established patriarchy and those who exploit people for their own obscene profit in true feudal lord fashion… that’s, not the fictional Seven Kingdoms, or even medieval Europe, that’s the United States today.

The “Great Game” of politics is a war (“by different means” can be debated) with very real consequences. Circumstances are more frightening and increasingly so for everyone, especially “minorities*.” They’re murdered in their cars and homes by “officers of the law” and the victims are targets of posthumous smear campaigns. They’re being rounded up and sent to detention centers, they’re children stolen, and citizenship being subject to expanding redefinitions – as if citizenship had prevented American citizens from being railroaded and deported before.

So if you’re terrified too, and understandably, remember that’s the only time a person can be brave and hopefully you’ll never have to, but if you find yourself in a situation requiring a choice then choose to be like Dr. Ford.


Minorities*: everyone who isn’t a straight, white male which isn’t a minority demographic.


~D.T. Kukulkan~


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I am a cognizant collection and configuration of genes in symbiosis with various microorganisms, thoughts, memories, emotions all encoded in neurochemicals.
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