A Letter


In reply to the ails of your mind:

I understand why you have no motivation, I do.

It’s because the West has grown soft with age and raised a generation of sheep. Worse than that: cattle too fattened and unable to move autonomously. Apparently the comforts  afforded to you in that feed-lot of a kingdom have made you immune to the motivational aspirations of fortune and glory, duty and honor, or anything for that matter.

Let’s hope they have not made your heart and mind numb to the logic of negatives should you continue to court apathy and lethargy with such compliance and hospitality.

Your constructions are mid-built, your books half written, if that. Set gathering dust.

That dust doubtless contains the ash and detritus of innumerable forgettable serfs long mounted in the ground. At least a few of them will be remembered for something.

I’d wager you’d be sufficiently motivated with a blade to your throat. Or to your lover’s, your mother’s, your children’s throats.

There is a swift and heavy blade fast approaching the back of your neck! It’s called time. It’s called everyone else doing whatever is necessary to be better than you. It is called sickness. It is called hunger and thirst and exposure.

Each day you fail in your endeavors and to progress is a day you fail.

A swordsman can block his attacker only if he engages him! Even the greatest houses fall, but can be remembered for blows landed and blades endured. They can land blows and endure blades and they do.

Life is a cruel game and it is not required that you play. Be warned, regardless if you choose to play, the hordes will. And pray if you don’t those hordes and spears of fate have no issue with you for they will surely rape and butcher your lover, mother, children; cut out your tongue and pluck out your eyes before mounting your desecrated skulls on spikes.

Do not be like a drunken fool of a father, toothless, impotent and unable to defend and protect himself and his own.


~David T. Kukulkan


About davidtkukulkan

I am a cognizant collection and configuration of genes in symbiosis with various microorganisms, thoughts, memories, emotions all encoded in neurochemicals.
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